Red Room

15 m2 | 1 x Double Bed | Occupancy : 2

You will love its cosy style, its shimmering colors and its bathroom coming directly from years 1930'.


€105 /day

Yellow Room

30 m2 | 1 x Double Bed | 2 x Single Bed | Occupancy : 4

With the Yellow Room you will be charmed by the unique view on the old moat and the 2 pilars from the old entrance of the castle . It can be booked as a suit with the Pink Room.


€115 /day

Blue Room

20 m2 | 2 x Twin Bed | Occupancy : 2

With its 2 lits twins beds this bedroom is perfect to stay as a family or with friends. You will be surprised by its bathroom and its fresco of the 16th century ... to be discovered ...


€115 /day

Peach and Green Rooms

30 m2 | 1 x Double Bed | 1 x Single Bed | Occupancy : 3

An incredible charm for this room and its pretty 18th century furniture. Also perfect as a suite to come accompanied by a child (directly adjoining green room).


€115 /day

Suite du Pavillon d'Angle

45 m2 | 1 x Double Bed | Occupancy : 2

You will sleep in the old apartments of the Masters of House.

The Marquis and the Marquise des Monstiers Mérinville lived there in the winter. According to tradition, each room was separate.
Sir’s room, at sunrise, will be be your bedroom. We refreshed it, choosing light grey shades,...

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€125 /day