Welcome to Château du Fraisse

8 centuries of history !

Our family welcomes you ...


Our family house welcomes you for all occasions: to visit us for a night in one of our comfortable guest rooms, a visit of the castle, or why not celebrate a private event... a wedding, anniversary or even a professional convention!


In le Fraisse  everything imaginable!




A long family story  ...


Le Fraisse came into our family in 1220 by the Wedding of dame Quitterie du Fraisse, last descendant of the family of the same name, with Urban Monstiers.


Le Fraisse of thirteenth century was a "noble house", which is almost nothing left today. It was burned in 1356 by the famous "Black Prince". It was rebuilt after the Hundred Years War by Sieur Jacques des Monstiers. This is the "old castle" of the fifteenth century forming the right side of the building.

The main part, dating from the sixteenth century, was built by Johns Monstiers, Bishop of Bayonne and Ambassador of kings of France Francis 1st  and Henry II  to Charles Quint.


Fascinated by the Renaissance, he appealed to the Italian architect Sebastiano Serlio to enlarge the family home.

...which continue ...


For over 780 years Fraisse remained in our family. He has been

transmitted from father to son for several tens of generations,

last time in 2009 ...

Our family needs to continue this long road and wishes to share his incredible story with visitors.


Therefore with my children we have decided to open our beautiful house to the public so that everyone can go there for a moment, for a day or during a weekend, discover and share our story, the time of an unforgettable stay.


See you soon at le Fraisse !



Jean François,

Marquis des Monstiers Mérinville

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